ZZZ is a new, boutique cosmetic brand specializing in products that help you sleep. Eye creams, lotions, essential oils - those sorts of things. They had a basic visual identity with a logo, typeface, color palette, and taglines, but needed to expand it and apply it to their packaging, stationary, and other merchandise.

I developed their identity by creating the 'eyes icon' and a system of shapes, designed their packaging, and created their first ad spot.

The big idea behind the system of shapes is dreams. They're creative, abstract, and weave in and out of each other.

Red is a strong, perfect shape like a triangle or circle; light blue and yellow are floaty blobs; pink is a rectangle; and turquoise is floaty with fingers and usually appears behind another shape. Dark Blue, the brand’s main color, is used as a base for everything else. It holds all the important information while the other colors are brighter, background, accents. Together, they create a colorful, floaty scenery where valuable information rises to the surface, and can be infinitely applied to everything from business cards to tote bags.

The video is simple. "Here's our products. Here's what they do." I used Blender to model, texture, and animate all the 3D elements. Then I threw it in After Effects to edit, animate, and put the finishing touches on.

Student project From Briefbox.me