Everlearn.io is a fictitious startup devoted to addressing one of the biggest issues surrounding modern, higher education - student debt. Traditional four-year colleges provide enormous educational value, but the financial burden they place on students is a major concern.

Their answer? “The New Education”: A hybrid model of teaching that takes the advantages of online learning, peer-to-peer interaction, and instructor-provided feedback to create a unique and effective educational option for a fraction of the price of a traditional four-year degree.

They wanted to use a video to introduce their idea and their organization in a short, digestible way. The script they came up with script simply reads the difference in the amount of debt between generations, and they left the visuals up to me.

What does carrying around years of unforgivable debt feel like? Dragging massive triangles through the scorching, hot desert, of course. And, with only 15 seconds to get the point across, we had to be economical with our story telling. I opted to use one scene and vary the shot size to the breaks in the narration.

Student project from school of motion